Child Of Light Is Being Given Away For Free By Ubisoft For A Limited Time

Child Of Light Is Being Given Away For Free By Ubisoft For A Limited Time
Credit: IGN via YouTube

There are a ton of free offerings right now. That’s great if you’re looking to get your gaming on while most of the world is in self-quarantine. One producer that has been doing right by the gaming community these last few weeks has been Ubisoft.

They’re at it again and this time it’s with the beloved Child of Light, the platforming RPG developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Up until March 28, it will be completely free. You can head on over Ubisoft’s official website and pick up a link today. Should you choose to add this game to your collection, you’ll be treated to beautiful visuals and an emotionally-gripping story.

You’ll take on the role of Aurora, a young girl from Austria who’s just awoken on a mysterious planet called Lemuria. In order to go back home, she must brave the elements and evil threats who’re part of the Queen of the Night. These beasts have stolen the sun, moon, and stars. It will be up to Aurora to take them on head-first in hopes of restoring the balance between good and evil.

Child of Light has received rave reviews for its artistic direction. The game’s settings and music are teaming with personality, which you’ll notice the very first time you become Aurora and help her fulfill her destiny. The scenery is complemented perfectly by the themes of light versus darkness.

This isn’t just some surface-level RPG, either. There are a ton of systems to master and skill trees to unlock. They give Child of Light a lot of re-playability. You’re constantly invested in expanding Aurora’s abilities in hopes of having more success in battle. In addition to the combat, you’ll also be doing a lot of platforming as well. That aspect definitely shines bright and is one of the better aspects of this action-adventure RPG.

You’ll also be captivated by the dark threats and compelling creatures in this game. They are varied and will leave you wondering what’s to come as you move forward in the various settings of Lemuria. Even though this game has been out for quite a while now, it definitely is a gem worth checking out at some point.

Thanks to Ubisoft’s generosity, you’re not sacrificing much. A couple of hours will fly right by as you attempt to restore order and face unrivaled beasts. Child of Light truly is a gift that will immerse you in a novel fantasy world, which everyone needs at the moment.