Bulkhead, The Creator Of Battalion 1944, Officially Ends Their Collaboration With Square Enix

Bulkhead, The Creator Of Battalion 1944, Officially Ends Their Collaboration With Square Enix
Credit: aroged

Square Enix Collective, a publisher, specializing in independent titles, released Battalion 1944 in Early Access in 2018. Square Enix, the game’s parent company, later bought a 20% share in Bulkhead.

A console version of Battalion 1944 promised through a 2016 Kickstarter campaign will no longer be occurring, according to a statement yesterday from Bulkhead, which confirmed that it had “officially dissolved” its collaboration with Square Enix.

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Focusing on the gamers is where we want to begin this exciting new chapter, according to the studio. We will refund any console Kickstarter funders because we are highly UPSET that Battalion 1944 was never released on consoles. We apologize that this has needed to be fixed for so long.

According to the studio, Battalion: Legacy is “the culmination of work consolidated into one old school experience for all to enjoy.”
The firm said in a Steam announcement: “We have chosen the best elements of Battalion 1944 and focused on these to produce a seamless, bug-free experience, with a working server browser, a different faction, new weapons, the traditional Search & Destroy game mode with all weapons available, complete UI revamp, and visual overhaul.

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To “increase capital efficiency,” it was revealed last week that Square Enix was considering selling up holdings in Western studios.
Following the acquisition of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos to Embracer Group earlier this year, which is now regarded as phase one of their bids to increase their capital efficiency, the news was announced.

Despite Battalion’s imminent release for free, fans’ reaction is not overwhelmingly enthusiastic. The lengthy and ultimately futile wait for a console release was a common topic of conversation on Twitter. Some users also voiced displeasure that Kickstarter backers could receive refunds while those who bought games from Steam could not—likely oblivious that the refund offer only applied to backers of platform editions.