Brute Mech Experiment On Fortnite Apparently Ends; Giant Robots Explode On Contact

Brute Mech Experiment On Fortnite Apparently Ends; Giant Robots Explode On Contact
Credit: ZackScottGames via YouTube

Brute mechs are exploding on impact and fans couldn’t be happier.

When this tweet was uploaded, fans weren’t quite sure what was happening. There’s a control room with the display showing the mechs. But it only confirmed that Epic Games is finally ending the Brute mech experiment. And the developer even came up with a good explanation for it.

This is all part of The Visitor theme who arrived in Battle Royale island in Season 4. His identity and his mission are both a mystery at this point. But he had a huge role to play in destroying the mechs. Apparently, he infected two mechs with a virus that causes them to explode in a spectacular fashion.

The last time fans saw The Visitor, and he was cannibalizing mechs for parts to build a rocket and Rift Zones. It’s not a stretch to see that he also found a way to destroy them, as well.

Then again, fans are not interested in reasons at this point. They just wanted the mechs taken out of the game. There’s even a whole petition about it through the hashtag, #removethemechs.

The Brute mechs were added to give players who are struggling with getting eliminations. Based on the data by the Fortnite team, the eliminations by experienced players were hardly affected by the mechs. Meanwhile, those struggling got their ranks boosted after the Brute mechs were introduced.

The robots are also meant to give another dimension and experience for players in the game. That was their mission when they made the mechs. With that said, the developers made some adjustments on the mechs to achieve more balanced gameplay.

The reactions on the Brute mechs have been universally violent. So much so that fans have started to hate Fortnite Season X. The mech is controlled by two players–the driver and the gunner. The robots are very hard to take down, and they can kill you very easily. They are equipped with hardened armor for extra defense, they are fast, and have destructive firepower.

Even professional players and streamers have complained about the mechs after they, too, were killed several times.

The frustration has reached epic (pun intended) levels that Epic Games had to nerf the robots. A few days after they were introduced, the Fortnite team eventually addressed fans’ complaints.

At least now, with the mechs exploding when they hit the ground, all is right in the Fortnite world.