Blizzard Will Nerf Hearthstone Mage Cards Solarian Prime And Evocation, Expect To Patch Next Week

Blizzard Will Nerf Hearthstone Mage Cards Solarian Prime And Evocation, Expect To Patch Next Week
Credit: Hearthstone

RNG will always be a part of competitive video games, and Hearthstone is no different. Blizzard has published some of the most RNG-based cards over the years, whether for better or for worse. In a blog post on October 15, the developers shared the news that they will be nerfing two Mage specific cards that utilize heavily on this mechanic. A fair warning for all Mage mains out there, this is not for the faint of heart.

The Legendary minion of the Ashes of Outland Astromancer Solarian will be changed in the expected patch. Though its original form of two mana 3/2 will be untouched, the shuffled and evolved Solarian Prime will become too hefty. From seven mana, Blizzard will nerf the minion to nine mana with the same 7/7 body on board. It is still too early to tell, but with this change, the Solarian is a potential cut for most mage decks especially if the meta stays the same.

Another Mage card that is being changed is the Legendary spell Evocation from the same expansion. The one-mana spell that generates random Mage spells is an instant hit among the player base on release. Its ability to refill the player’s hand and turn around any board state is as powerful as RNG comes. With next week’s changes, the mana cost of the spell will be increased to two mana.

Evocation is usually paired with the two mana Mana Cyclone. With the minion’s ability to generate random Mage spells for each spell the player cast during the turn, the combo is an instant hand refiller and game-changer. However, the nerf to the spell makes it tighter to play the two cards in a turn.

Both the Astromancer Solarian and Evocation are staples for Small Spell Mage. According to the some Hearthstone data gathering sites, the deck is sitting at Tier 2 at the meta and has a little over 50% win rate. The Legendary minion also sees play in the lesser popular Highlander Mage, a Tier 3, and settles for a 48% win percentage.

With this recent announcement, fans at Twitter are arguing whether these changes are wanted or not. One fan pointed out that the developers chose to nerf a class with a 50% win rate while letting the Hunters and Paladins run a mock. Some fans, on the other hand, appreciate the minor balance patch and answering the RNG mage.

The two cards will be eligible for a full dust refund in the next two weeks after the patch goes live.