The Recent Worlds 2020 Clash Event Had Rewards Better Than Ever, Including A 16-Team Bracket

The Recent Worlds 2020 Clash Event Had Rewards Better Than Ever, Including A 16-Team Bracket
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

If League of Legends Clash tournaments weren’t high-pressured enough, the Worlds 2020 Clash Event should be even more intense.

Riot broke down the upcoming tournament in today’s blog, explaining that the “stakes are higher than ever with larger brackets and bigger rewards.” Worlds Clash will be held twice on back-to-back weekends, starting Oct. 10 and 11 followed by Oct. 17 and 18.

Because the bracket is being increased to include 16 teams, Victory Point (VP) gains will also jump up. There will be one trophy, four victory banners themed around the Worlds event and Elemental Drakes, and two unique logos up for grabs.

And teams will have the opportunity to earn champion skin permanents and Worlds loot orbs with Premium Tickets, as well as the standard rewards usually offered. Squads that place eighth through 15th will get a Championship Skin Shard, while those who place between first through seventh will get a Championship Skin Permanent. Players who get first place will also receive a Worlds Orb regardless of which ticket they use (basic or premium).

All the Clash events so far have been quite similar to each other. But for Worlds 2020, Riot announced that it was cooking something special. Taking place on Oct. 17, and 18, the Worlds Clash event will hit the live servers with stakes higher than ever.

League fans will have a chance to prove themselves in 16-team brackets, and the reward pool includes a trophy, four victory banners, and two unique logos. Each exclusive banner will feature iconic characteristics of the Worlds event and Elemental Drakes.

These aren’t the only rewards you may add to your collection, however. World 2020 Clash tournaments will also have a small chance to drop Championship skin permanents and Worlds loot orbs.

Like previous events, you’ll have the option to increase the stakes even further by participating in the premium bracket by cashing in more event tickets. Here’s what is inside of Premium Ticket loot capsules:

Championship Skin Shard: Eighth through 15th place
Championship Skin Permanent: First through seventh place
All tickets (basic and premium) receive a Worlds Orb: First place
While the rewards sound promising and engaging, there are some conditions that you have to satisfy to take your place in the tournament.

Clash doesn’t have a matchmaking system for teams, so you’ll need to make sure you have a total of five players ready to play under the same banner. All team members need to complete their placement matches since unranked players aren’t allowed in the tournament.

Both solo and flex queue rankings are acceptable in this case, meaning you just need to be ranked in at least one of them. You’ll also need to have an honor level of at least two since anything below that indicates that a player was recently punished for bad conduct.

As an anti-smurfing measure, Riot asks each Clash contestant to verify their accounts via phone numbers. You’ll need to navigate to the settings section on your client and enter the General tab from the left bar. The account verification process will be just below the Initiate Full Repair button.