Batman: Arkham Knight For The PS4 Will Be Receiving A New Costume; Is Dark And Edgy

Batman: Arkham Knight For The PS4 Will Be Receiving A New Costume; Is Dark And Edgy
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Batman: Arkham Knight is an amazing action adventure game that features the caped crusader in an open-world environment. It’s one of the better installments in the series, which can be attributed to its combat progression system, fun transportation options, and of course, Gotham City. There’s just something so special about going around as Batman fighting for justice against iconic villains, such as the formidable Scarecrow.

It’s 2020 and the game is still getting content. It has come to this game lately in the form of new Batman suits. The latest one is particularly dark and edgy. More specifically, it’s the Earth 2 Dark Knight skin and man, does it sure stand out. Right away, you’ll notice the vibrant red Batman logo in the center and the red eyes. They really give Batman a sinister look, one that you wouldn’t want to find down a dark and narrow alley.

The costume was revealed via Twitter on Rocksteady Studios official Twitter page. They confirmed the skin for PS4 users and it will be available on January 28. That’s only a couple of days away for those who’re looking to give their favorite bat-inspired superhero a change in cosmetics.

That has always been a shining aspect of Batman: Arkham Night. The developer has pumped out various costumes for players to enjoy. It may seem like a simple change, but it’s special to have a new suit to wear out around the city or in combat. It’s like the suits that are in the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man. You feel special that you’re wearing something that wasn’t in the original base game.

This latest costume addition should tide you over if you’re one of those fans who has been anxiously waiting for more news on the rumored new Batman game. WB Montreal said it is in development, but as it stands now, there isn’t a lot of information to really go off of. Will it be a sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight or is this game going in a completely different direction? The possibilities seem pretty endless it seems.

Still, at least fans of the latest installment have a visual item to look forward to. These costume gifts don’t seem to be stopping any time soon, which is great if you like changing Batman’s suit every now and then. Even though the game came out back in 2015, it’s still receiving support. That’s always great for a game that has a huge backing like this one.