An Enthusiastic Pokemon Artist Transforms Cyndaquil Into An Electric Type Variation Of The Johto Fire Starter

An Enthusiastic Pokemon Artist Transforms Cyndaquil Into An Electric Type Variation Of The Johto Fire Starter

A vital feature of a Pokemon‘s design is its type. Since the first generation of Pokemon, every pocket monster that has been introduced has had a typing assigned to it that guides Game Freak‘s creation of each one. As a result, the kind of Pokemon has a significant impact on how it is designed for the Pokemon video games, from the flame-lit tail of Charizard to the leafy tree of Torterra.

Given this, it makes sense that altering one or both of a Pokemon’s types will change various design components. Herein lies the fan art’s boundless potential. Some designers have gone out to redesign classic Pokemon from a typing perspective. Two examples of the creative ideas made by Pokemon fans were a poisoned Vulpix and a ground-type Gyarados.

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An electric type design for Cyndaquil, a starting Pokémon from Johto, was drawn by Reddit user GeekySAgirl. A blue top and a light yellow underbelly distinguish Cyndaquil, a natural fire-type Pokemon. The color of the mouse Pokemon in GeekySAgirl’s electric rendering transforms from blue to a golden-yellow, with the underworld becoming a paper-white tint and black rings encircling the feet.

The most distinguishing characteristic of Cyndaquil, its roaring back-flame, has been entirely altered by GeekySAgirl to resemble the prongs of an electrical socket. Considering that Cyndaquil is a beginning Pokemon, this is not the first fan art for the fire-mouse Pokemon that has been made.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will shortly be released, and fans anticipate what new regional forms will be included in these games. As players wait to see what new Pokemon Game Freak has in store, the confirmation of the new Wooper form in the most recent teaser gives fans even more faith that the feature will continue to emerge in subsequent Pokemon games. What more regional variants will join Wooper remains to be seen in the future.