AMD’s Recent E3 Showcase Possibly Signals The Navi 12 GPU Might Not Be The Big Navi Everyone Anticipates

AMD’s Recent E3 Showcase Possibly Signals The Navi 12 GPU Might Not Be The Big Navi Everyone Anticipates
Credit: AMD via YouTube

The recently concluded E3 brought some questions about the “would-be Nvidia Killer” and when the GPU would be launched. The whole spectacle became much of speculation considering the forthcoming AMD Navi 12 silicon would be used to challenge the fastest gaming card, the Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti.

It’s worth awaiting though that an RX 5900 XT will take full center stage and go one-on-one with the RTX range from Invidia. But as the AMD E3 suggests, it will not be powered using the Navi 12 GPU.

AMD Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Lisa Su, attended the E3 convention announcing RX 5700 XT’s 50th Anniversary Edition which happened during the Next Horizon Gaming conference. At the said event, the CEO held a piece of new card which had her signature. She was backed up with a screen showing the specs of what was supposed to be the special edition GPU.

During the event, AMD should have known that shipment for the Navi 12 and the Navi 14 chips are ongoing. Nonetheless, the industry giant would not be calling them special edition for the RX 690 if it would be followed by a higher-spec model just months after its release.

As some observed during the event, AMD might possibly make some rebranding strategy to lure graphics enthusiasts over the release of the new graphics card. Subsequently, it might be likely that we are looking at the next generation Navis model, and we are looking at the upcoming GPU card.

Reports of the RX 5300 XT and the AMD RX 5500 GPU being used on standard desktops have surfaced online. The benchmarking might have used both the Navi 14 and the Navi 12 graphics cards accordingly.

It’s expected that the RX 5700 XT will be the standout this year and is considered as the Radeon’s graphics career height. It does come close to the pricier version of Nvidia, the RTX 2070 Super GPU.

For gamers though with a limited stash of money, the AMD RX5700, a lower-spec version of the Navi 10-enabled processor. This is because of a 3rd-party program which can now be used to bypass the restrictions imposed by AMD.

Considering that AMD has fine-tuned its GPU branding to match with their Ryzen brand, all these could be a hint of a 5900-series in the works. We can also expect new hardware to come out next year, starting with the 2nd Gen RDNA GPU and the Navi 20-based chipset.