Borderlands 3 Patch Notes Release: Gearbox Confirms KillaVolt’s Attack Is Broken

Borderlands 3 Patch Notes Release: Gearbox Confirms KillaVolt’s Attack Is Broken
Credit: ZaFrostPet via YouTube

Borderlands 3 patch notes were released that fixed KillaVolt, which should have been easy to kill in the first place.

In the patch notes released on the official website, Gearbox admitted its mistake (oops) by unnecessarily buffing KillaVolt.

KillaVolt is a side quest on Borderlands 3. You will be asked to murder Mad Moxxi’s former lover in Lectra City. However, the boss is not that easy to kill and has frustrated fans no end.

KillaVolt wields a riot shield which makes it very hard to penetrate his defenses. But you only have a small area with which to kill it. You must remember that Mad Moxxi wants you to shoot KillaVolt on the crotch (okay, the word is “dick”).

KillaVolt also knows what your target is, so it’s defending that area quite well with his shield. That’s hard enough to deal with. What’s even more frustrating, however, is that its attack will electrify the floor and hit you at a distance. You can jump around the tiles, but it won’t matter because the attack will last for about 10 seconds.

Not only that, more enemies will spawn in the room. You can’t even use them for second wind since they will die when the tile is electrocuted. You have to be extremely fast to kill them while they are being electrocuted. What’s worse, there’s no pattern when KillaVolt will launch the attack so you can’t predict when its movements.

Those who play Zane noticed that his barrier doesn’t work in the boss room, which only adds to their troubles.

So when you are low on ammo and health, you can expect to not go past this round. Not a few fans have ended up giving up on fighting KillaVolt because they could not defeat it.

The Borderlands 3 patch notes revealed that this issue has already been resolved. You can now stand around the tile even if KillaVolt will launch his electrifying attack.

Meanwhile, there are other bug fixes and additions in the latest Borderlands 3 patch notes.
Among these include the vending machine is now sorted so it will display items based on rarity. Also, the “Footsteps of Giants” progression issue has been addressed. You can go to the website for all the details.

Finally, the FOV on the console has been set to 75 by default. Those who are already playing with their set console won’t be affected. Players of Borderlands 3 always slide their FOV high, around 90 to 100, claiming that more is better.