Alienware 34-Inch Gaming WQHD Monitor Features 120Hz Refresh Rate And Tear-Free Tech

Alienware 34-Inch Gaming WQHD Monitor Features 120Hz Refresh Rate And Tear-Free Tech
Credit: Alienware via YouTube

Gamers take heed. Alienware’s wide WQHD monitor is now selling at Newegg today at a largely discounted price. For those who have the cash to spare, the 34-inch AW3418DW panel can be had for almost half of its original price.

This curved Alienware gaming monitor features a 120Hz refresh rate together with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. The large panel will give users the anti-tearing support they expect, but with a minimal impact on performance.

Gamers may find the monitor’s 4ms response time a bit of a deal-breaker. However, this is already more than enough to go toe to toe with competitors at almost every level.

With its ergonomic design, this Alienware gaming monitor can fit any desk setup. The screen’s swivel, tilt, and height can easily be adjusted. And with its VESA compatibility, users have the option to do away with the stand.

But with a weight of over 16 lbs., gamers will have to take precautions when setting up the monitor. The mount should be able to handle the panel’s bulk, which could take a toll on a lighter setting.

The monitor’s other features include support for HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity plus four USB 3.0 for other peripherals. Moreover, the panel’s RGB lighting at the back and the underside gives off an otherworldly vibe while playing.

The monitor is ideal for those looking for faster response time or currently using machines that cannot go beyond 1440. By far, it is the best option for users who are into large-scale, high-resolution gaming.

The Alienware brand is considered one of the most established names in the gaming industry. And the company is giving users every reason to look forward to the products it is putting out in the market.

For instance, its AW5520QF 55-inch OLED gaming monitor is a sight to behold. With its giant OLED display screen, it is enormous compared to TV sets in most living rooms. Moreover, the panel offers features that will meet the highest demands of gamers.

And going by the specs of the monitor, players will be hyped to duke it out with their online adversaries. It is equipped with an OLED display that is capable of a 120-Hz refresh rate. Moreover, the panel has built-in FreeSync support and customized RGB lighting.

However, this Alienware gaming monitor is pricey and can make a dent a gamer’s savings. It is even more expensive than the high-end, ultrawide displays and 4K TVs in the market today. Users will be the ones to decide if this monitor is worth its hefty price.