Acer Unleashes The Cheaper Thronos Air, But The $14,000 Price Tag Is Still Insane

Acer Unleashes The Cheaper Thronos Air, But The $14,000 Price Tag Is Still Insane
Credit: The Gadget Flow

Acer, the renowned US computer manufacturer, is at the ongoing IFA 2019 in Berlin. At their booth, Acer showcased a cheaper Acer Thronos, dubbed Predator Thronos Air. Unfortunately, it was set up just for the press conference, and immediately after the press, it was disassembled.

Acer says this is a cheaper option for gamers, but the $14,000 price tag is still high up on the shelf for most gamers. The original model, Acer Thronos costs a cool $20,000, and as Victoria Song from Gizmodo says, it is a” typical trade show stunt.”

But if you thought the $20,000 model is purely exuberance, some gamers are ready to fork out up to $30,000 for the world-class gaming chair. In an interview with Gizmodo, the American company affirms that there is the market for such high-end gaming chairs.

“This is the chair that people can actually buy and put in their homes.” Said an Acer representative. The problem is that the behemoth of a gaming chair can’t fit in most households.

As you might be aware, the original Thronos can only be set up on the ground floor. It requires at least 8 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet, and the floor itself should be able to accommodate 715lbs.

Now, back to the new Thronos Air; what does the new gaming throne offer, and what does it sacrifice?

The new Thronos Air lacks motorization. At least the keyboard and mouse tray are still adjustable like in last year’s model. But it doesn’t swing into action automatically.

One of the things Acer has improved on is the spatial requirements. The new Thronos Air has a smaller footprint.

The weight is reduced by 25% and according to the released specifications; it needs a floor that can withstand 536lbs. Regarding the size of the entire unit, there is no much difference from the original Thronos.

One major addition to the new Thronos Air is the massage cushion. It consists of two balls which essentially, move up and down, pressing against your back’s pressure points.

The Thronos Air will offer an immersive gaming experience just like the earlier Thronos. You can configure up to three screens courtesy of the overhead arm.

Unfortunately, the arm is not motorized like in the original model – you have to adjust it to your liking manually. The chair can be adjusted backward giving you an upward view.

And it’s not only the Thronos Air that Acer is showcasing at IFA 2019. The company also ha a range of 300Hz gaming monitors, the Triton 500.