A New Horizon: Zero Dawn Game Could Be In The Works According To A Recent Guerrilla Games Job Posting

A New Horizon: Zero Dawn Game Could Be In The Works According To A Recent Guerrilla Games Job Posting
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Horizon: Zero Dawn was received extremely well when it released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 back in 2017. It did so well — in fact — that it was the fifth-best selling game for the platform. That’s quite an accomplishment and a testament to the amazing work Guerrilla Games was able to achieve.

It has been two years since this game took PlayStation users by storm, which has raised the question about a possible release. It would obviously make sense for Guerrilla Games to continue the franchise given the incredible sales figures of the original. Well, a sequel or a game in the Horizon: Zero Dawn Universe is more than likely in the works.

You see, a couple of days ago, a job listing was posted for a technical vegetation artist. Even more telling is the job’s description. It says the artist will be working on the environments of a Horizon game. The developers haven’t gone on record confirming an official release, but it’s pretty safe to assume that this was a tip of the hat of sorts.

There are actually a lot of positions current open at the company, which signifies a pending sequel. That’s pretty incredible to contemplate. The original was received well for so many reasons. For one, its expansive environments are a true treat traversing through. You never really know what you’ll find, whether you’re moving throughout rich forests or roaming the open plains.

There’s just something so special about exploring these mysterious lands and coming across a well put together lore. The developers keep you on edge the entire time by putting aggressive and diverse monsters throughout the map. They have a very Monster Hunter vibe, only they have a mechanical design.

Even the themes that the developers broach in the original are deeply moving. For the action RPG space, this game certainly stands out. Seeing improvements in various departments would take the franchise to new heights.

It’s clear: Fans want a sequel and have actually raved about one ever since the conclusion of the story in the first game. How much better could Horizon: Zero Dawn get? Guerrilla Games seems like a pretty competent studio, and it will be intriguing to see what they come up with next.

Judging by the activity they’re seeing in job openings, don’t be surprised to see an official trailer teasing a sequel here pretty soon. You can bet the fans would go crazy for one.