World of Warcraft’s Thanksgiving Event, Pilgrim’s Bounty, Has Begun!

World of Warcraft’s Thanksgiving Event, Pilgrim’s Bounty, Has Begun!
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzard loves to celebrate their seasons, and in no game is this more obvious than in World of Warcraft. They love the holidays so much that they’ve even begun inventing their own, throwing in fun little events like Balloon Day to keep things light and fun in the game.

Around this time of year, with every month having major holidays, the game essentially becomes one large festival fest. In November, to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday that those in the United States celebrate – as well as just the general autumnal spirit – Blizzard implements Pilgrim’s Bounty.

To be clear, this is different from the Harvest Festival that occurs around mid-September. The Harvest Festival is based on real-world holidays like China’s Mid-Autumn Festival and is meant to be focused on celebrating the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance. Pilgrim’s Bounty is more about eating more than should be mortally possible and blowing apart turkeys while you do it.

There’s plenty to do with this season, and most of it revolves around some form of food, as the Thanksgiving holiday always does. Players can journey to the capital cities of their faction to learn new recipes for the cooking profession, many of which are unique to the holiday. There, they can find massive feasting tables, where they can work with other players to pass food around and share in the holiday spirit.

Additionally, they’ll participate in the ritualistic genocide of hundreds of turkeys! Players are given achievements based on the number they’ve killed, and how fast they’ve managed it. This task can be difficult enough that many players end up researching the best spots to find the turkey spawns.

All of this also culminates in season-specific loot, especially cosmetic gear. Staying in theme with the holiday, adventurers can earn Pilgrim-themed clothing for when they really want to rock that Puritan fashion. As with many things in Retail World of Warcraft, this generally leads to achievements, titles, and other exclusive unlockables that you can’t get outside of the season.

Overall, it’s a fun little event to keep things nice and light. Players from the United States enjoy seeing a bit of their nation being put into the game, while players from other parts of the world might enjoy getting to grab a few limited-edition achievements and toys.

Enjoy Pilgrim’s Bounty while you can! The event ends early in the morning this coming Monday, December 2nd.