What To Expect With The Second Week Of World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Scourge Invasion Event

What To Expect With The Second Week Of World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Scourge Invasion Event
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Heads up, we’ll be mentioning a few story moments for the World of Warcraft: ShadowlandsScourge Invasion event in this piece! If you’re trying to avoid any story spoilers, turn away now!

Blizzard’s Scourge Invasion prepatch event is almost halfway done, with the first week coming to a close with the weekly reset this Tuesday. Players have been a bit disappointed to see how little there was to the first week, with the main questline taking less than an hour to finish.

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Otherwise, there’s mostly just been the farming of the twenty rares in Icecrown that spawn one at a time every twenty minutes. This provides some decent catch-up gear, as well as a unique mount and a 34-slot bag.

But once the second week drops, we’ll all be treated to a bit more content! Players that haven’t been too pleased with the small amount of activities that the first week brought will be happy to find more content waiting for them on Tuesday.

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Wowhead’s writeup, on the surface, makes it sound rather similar to the first week. They state that “we head to the Argent Tournament Grounds, where we help the Argent Dawn investigate the invading Scourge, earn a lot more Argent Commendations that we are able to turn in for reputation and unlock the event’s first dailies in Icecrown.”

There are already a few dailies in Icecrown to earn Commendations, but the new weekly will bring a handful more after completing the quest “Only Shadows Remain,” the last quest before the end of the Death Rising questline.

All in all, there are eight quests being added to finish off the Death Rising storyline. Finishing this will open a portal to your capital city (Orgrimmar and Stormwind, presumably) and reward the Death Rising Feat of Strength achievement.

Six more daily quests are coming with the second week as well, each giving the reward of more Argent Commendations. It isn’t said if any new items will be added to the Quartermaster’s shop for these Commendations, however, so if you’ve been farming up for the first week you may not have a use.

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Having more dailies unlocked will make it significantly easier to grind out those Commendations on another toon, though! If you’ve been putting off gearing up one of your other characters, it might be a great time to hop in and grab some of the catch-up gear.

It’s a bit disappointing to see such a small amount being added for this upcoming second half of the event, but the new content should provide a fun bridge. While it won’t take long, snagging a few collectibles and finishing up the questline should provide a good bit of enjoyment before the expansion drops.