World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ Scourge Invasion Event Brings Heightened Drop Rates For Commonly Farmed Item

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ Scourge Invasion Event Brings Heightened Drop Rates For Commonly Farmed Item
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Blizzard has been hard at work lately, and now that the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion is officially less than two weeks away, they have plenty on their plate to get the new content out and rolling as well as they can.

The most recent drop was the Scourge Invasion event, which began yesterday and will continue all the way up until the expansion drops on November 23rd. Players are meeting it with some mixed reactions, but gold farmers are as happy as can be.

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This new event is quite literally a treasure trove and farming up some of the plentiful mobs has been the core for many players. With the mobs in Icecrown spawning at frantic rates, especially in areas like Scourgeholme, players can make quite the profit.

It turns out that some players have been finding one of the more popular gold-farming items, the Battered Hilt, dropping off of mobs in Icecrown as well. Usually only acquirable in a select few Wrath of the Lich King dungeons, the item sells for quite a pretty penny.

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It’s unknown what the exact drop chance is, but players are able to find it off of the rares that spawn every twenty minutes as well as off of the normal mobs. It’s presumed that the rares have a higher chance to drop it, given that they’re elite, rare mobs.

That said, those rare mobs spawn once every twenty minutes and have a moment of invulnerability after spawning to give players time to arrive. This means that players can take down an average of two or so an hour.

So if you’re set on farming up a Battered Hilt, the best way to go about it is to seek out a rare when it spawns and spend the large swathes of time in-between by traveling somewhere to kill regular mobs and farm it up.

The drop chance is low, but it’s definitely out there for players to grab! Whether you’re searching for it specifically or just farming up Scourgestones for the event, you might be lucky enough to grab a Battered Hilt.

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This bind-on-equip item is commonly sold by gold farmers for its use in the Quel’Delar weapons, beginning a quest that provides players with a weapon choice at the end. While many who grab the item will likely want to complete this quest, you likely can grab a healthy sum selling it on the auction house.

Unfortunately, given that the Quel’Delar weapons are related to Blood Elves, the Battered Hilt is only usable by Horde characters. If you’re looking to start farming, make sure you’re playing a Horde toon, or all the luck in the world will be useless!