WB Games Has Dropped More Hints Of A New Batman Game Ahead Of DC Fandome

WB Games Has Dropped More Hints Of A New Batman Game Ahead Of DC Fandome
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The Batman Arkham games have been a tremendous success. They take one of the most iconic superheroes and feature him better than he’s ever been highlighted in video games. From the open-world exploring of Gotham to Batman’s incredible abilities, these games always deliver hours of fun crime-fighting action.

The last installment in the series was Batman: Arkham Knight, a well-received game at the time of releasing in 2015. It has been quite a while since this game came out, causing fans to wonder about what’s next for the franchise.

There have been teasers here and there from the series’ publisher, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. However, nothing has really come of them. If another Batman game is in the works, the publisher has kept details pretty close to their chest.

Then just recently, they put another series of teasers on their Twitter page. The tweet links to another account by the name of r3dakt3d. If you click on this page and follow the link to an official website, you can find links to an Instagram account that reveals new images of a possible new Batman game.

One of the images has the words Gotham Knights at the bottom and four iconic logos in the center, representing Batman, Robin, Batwoman, and Nightwing. That’s pretty much all there is to go off of based on these new leaks, but it seems like we could be getting some sort of Batman co-op experience where players have the chance to play as all four of these superheroes.

The timing of these rumors isn’t just happenstance. DC Fandome — a global fan experience where the DC Multiverse will be featured — takes place this weekend on August 22nd. It is here when many fans believe WB will announce their next Batman game.

We already know that a Suicide Squad game is in development, which will have players play as villains against the all-mighty Superman. Could we also get a new Batman reveal at this upcoming event? All signs are pointing towards yes, but we’ll still have to see exactly what unfolds come this Saturday.

It’s an exciting time for Batman fans. Despite the incredible installments in the Arkham series, it doesn’t look like Warner Bros. wants to stop making games about the Dark Knight. Additionally, there is still so many amazing stories to tell and epic combat to feature on next-gen consoles. Stay tuned for more Batman game updates.