Wargroove: Double Trouble Is A Free DLC Announced To Arrive On February 6th

Wargroove: Double Trouble Is A Free DLC Announced To Arrive On February 6th
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Both developed and published by Chucklefish, Wargroove brought tactical turn-based strategy to consoles and PC alike when it launched on February 1st, 2019, landing among favorable reviews that features a blue-haired protagonist fighting to keep your country.  Now the release of its first DLC has been announced on Wargroove’s website, set to arrive February 6th on Steam.  And it’s entirely free.

Wargroove follows the adventure of Queen Mercia as she’s ousted from her kingdom, and travels to new lands in her quest to regain what is rightfully hers.  The gameplay loop consists of some dialogue furthering exposition until players are placed on a map with various obstacles and features that players must fight across.

The gameplay typically sees the player on one side of the map, with enemies on the other, and they close the distance between each other while grabbing various resources and strategic buildings that offer upgrades and troops.  It’s entertaining enough, and its release saw the genre finally filled on the Nintendo Switch.  It currently has 2,239 reviews on Steam, with 85% of those reviews positive.

The upcoming free DLC, titled Wargroove: Double Trouble, sees players teaming up and leading the Outlaw faction, with three new commanders being added to the twelve that already exist in the base game.  Also is a cooperative campaign that can be played entirely on the couch, online, or solo if you’re so inclined to as not make any friends for your entire life.

It also appears that the objectives will go a bit beyond the standard chorus of ‘kill the enemy’, as the DLC is outlined as performing heists and stealing gold from the enemy.  Two new troops will be added to your command to help mitigate the new risks to be found on the battlefield.

Thieves can ransack enemy gold and add it to your own chest, while Riflemen specialize in lining up shots from a great distance to eliminate the enemy before they knew what hit them.

For many, the new campaign is little more than underscores of the overall content, as the proverbial meat of the game is the turn-based combat occurring in a wide gamut of environments, forcing players to think about their next couple of moves lest they fall prey to a flank or ambush.

Whether you opt to play online competitively or just enjoy the occasional strategic romp, the first DLC being offered for free is a wise way to ensure that the player base doesn’t fragment across the ‘have’s’ and ‘have-not’s’ that typically occurs in larger multiplayer-enabled games.

The three incoming commanders haven’t had their grooves (the special tactical moves that all commanders have) revealed yet, so stay glued to see how much meta upheaval we should expect when it launches in a month.