Valve Inches Forward With Data-Mined Steam Cloud Gaming, Offers Documentation Of A Beta

Valve Inches Forward With Data-Mined Steam Cloud Gaming, Offers Documentation Of A Beta
Credit: Steam via Facebook

Data-mining for the win, as once again it seemed to have hit it right on the nose. While we recently reported about a data-miner finding multiple references to Valve’s Steam platform gaining some form of Steam Cloud Play.

Valve has stepped forward and assured fans that the data-mining was not only accurate but that they’re ready to start pushing forward with the official Steam Cloud Play (Beta). Lest you get too excited, Valve makes this statement upfront:

Steam Cloud Play is currently in Beta and features are being added over time. We are now accepting a limited amount of games into the service as we continue to build features and server capacity for players – Valve via SteamWorks Documentation

Further, this is, as we previously suspected, an addition to Nvidia’s GeForce Now program that has been rolled out (and taken more than a few hits, truth be told). Developers can opt their title into GeForce Now through Steam (instead of needing to opt-out via legal notice).

Within the documentation (which you can reach here) Valve clearly states that users will need to purchase the game before being able to play it through GeForce Now, which is done by users linking their Steam library to Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming library.

Thankfully, the requirements necessary for developers to get their titles on GeForce Now is surprisingly low. An addendum authorizing usage of the title within GeForce Now, and having Steam Cloud enabled. Valve states that if issues arise during testing the application in a GeForce Now environment, they will reach out to developers for help to solve specific issues on a case by ca see basis.

They finish their documentation (a sparse read as it stands) by stating that they may add additional Steam Cloud Gaming services in the future.

All in all, this is a win not only for GeForce Now, but developers and fans as a whole. Developers can easily opt-into the GeForce Now program which ensures their titles can be played everywhere that GeForce Now can reach.

GeForce Now now has a potentially large pool of developers not beholden to publishing rights that are eager to have their games experienced by everyone possible.

Lawyers no longer need to enter the fray that has been Nvidia’s streaming service.

The real news here is that fans, with this knowledge in their pocket, can now begin harassing their favorite developers (pleasantly, of course) to opt-into GeForce Now. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons within the Steam Developers Panel.