Valorant Has A New Patch Out Now That Includes A New Agent And Deathmatch

Valorant Has A New Patch Out Now That Includes A New Agent And Deathmatch
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

The competitive shooter Valorant from Riot Games has now been out for two months. In that time, it has received a couple of noteworthy updates that improved gameplay and brought forth new features and items.

Another large one is out now and with it are a lot of new things. Starting off, Patch 1.05 adds a new agent to the mix called Killjoy. Sporting some nice spectacles, she has a lot of robotic items to help her out on the battlefields.

For example, her AlarmBot can be set up to hunt down enemies that get within a certain distance. If it comes in contact with them, then they’ll receive double damage. The bot can be retrieved at any point. That’s not all. Killjoy also has the ability to set up a turret that can fire at enemies within a 180-degree radius.

Then there is the Nanoswarm. It acts like a grenade only it doesn’t make any noise when deployed. Then when enemies get close, Killjoy can activate it to deploy a swarm of nanobots for epic damage.

All in all, Killjoy seems like a great addition to the already amazing roster of agents. That’s one thing Riot Games plans on updating throughout the months. Just as players get used to a particular set of skills and attributes with one agent, a new one enters the mix for fresh experiences.

Another major highlight coming out of this patch is the new Deathmatch mode that’s available. It’s just the beta, but it will continue to be improved upon based on what Riot Games sees from the community as far as requests. It features 10-player free-for-all and is a great departure from the team-based play.

Riot Games also took the time to fix a lot of bugs and adjust some quality of life elements. For example, those that report players for disruptive behavior will receive a notification if that player is punished.

These are just some of the main takeaways from patch 1.05. If you want a full list of the new features and improvements, you can head on over to Valorant’s website. All in all, this is one of the biggest updates to date and very promising to see.

Riot Games wants to make this the competitive shooter to play for years and they’re off to a good start already. Let’s see where they can take this game as it receives more updates in the future.