UFC 4’s Career Mode Was Broken Down In A Recent Trailer And It Looks Very In-Depth

UFC 4’s Career Mode Was Broken Down In A Recent Trailer And It Looks Very In-Depth
Credit: EA SPORTS UFC via YouTube

EA‘s next big splash into the sport of MMA is UFC 4, which was revealed a couple of weeks ago. It’s apparent they’ve done everything to move this mixed martial arts series forward in the right direction, from the in-depth combat mechanics to the animations.

What about the career mode, though? It has always been an important part of every installment. Players — after creating their own fighter — get the chance to rise through the ranks for the chance of becoming a UFC champion and on to achieve legendary status.

Thankfully, fans don’t have to wait in a suspense as a new trailer came out that focuses on the career mode and what it will offer. The trailer starts off by showing a personal coach named Davis. He will help steer your MMA career in the right direction, both in and out of the cage.

It’s a noteworthy improvement because it gives career mode more of a team vibe. In previous installments, career mode was pretty much up to you and you alone. It will be nice having a coach acting as some kind of mentor.

Throughout your career, you’ll get to train in different disciplines and earn points that can be used to improve your attributes. What’s particularly noteworthy is your fighter’s performance is tracked in every fight.

So say you land a significant blow to the body that puts your opponent out for the count, that significant impact will earn points towards the particular discipline you’re focusing on. The progression system makes every fight count for something.

What really stands out from this career mode trailer is UFC 4 will have a relationship system. It impacts a lot of things regarding your MMA career, such as the relationship you have with fans and how you treat other fighters.

Responding a certain way can make certain fighters turn into a heated rivalry or you can be cordial and earn some friends on your way up to the top. You can take to social media to talk some smack about potential opponents just like what actual UFC fighters do.

Or, you can invite them for a training session and pick their brain about certain techniques. It’s a pretty dynamic system that gives players more to look forward to when they’re outside of the cage.

It’s clear: UFC 4’s career mode is the most in-depth and well-rounded it has ever been. There are so many storylines and chances of greatness that players have to look forward to.