This Minecraft Chemistry Lab Not Only Looks Amazing But Also Uses No Mods!

This Minecraft Chemistry Lab Not Only Looks Amazing But Also Uses No Mods!
Credit: BeardyBlocks Via YouTube

Minecraft is well-known for its inventive creations, either using Redstone creations or recreation from another game. Minecraft creations often take an excessive amount of time and effort to complete, and one example of that is how a server is recreating all of Destiny 2.

This server currently has four locations that have been created, while not fully built, and are currently working on building out more locations and items to use in the server. This server offers not only locations from Destiny 2 but also the weapons and enemies to fight as well.

Minecraft YouTuber and Redditor, BeardyBlocks, posted a picture of his chemistry lab where he creates all of his Redstone creations. His chemistry lab looks fantastic and features not only a periodic table poster, and various nicknacks that are placed all around.

The various items include a plant, soap, a sink, and even a cat that seemingly knocked down a coffee mug that has most likely stained the counter and maybe even the floor.

While most Minecraft users would use mods or even just world edit to build this huge lab in a short amount of time, BeardyBlocks in his original post showcased how there are no mods, and he built this himself showcasing his amazing dedication to Minecraft and Minecraft creations.

The most amazing part about this creation is that the chemistry lab is mostly a backdrop for his Redstone creations. This large building that most likely took a significant amount of time is just a background for his Redstone creations.

His Redstone creations are significantly different when compared to other creations that add a new feature or allow players to play Minecraft on a phone-in Minecraft.

His Redstone creations are a bit different, instead of adding new features, his creations make Minecraft life easier, having an automatic lift and a TV that either comes out from a window or an aquarium.

The amount of work and effort that he puts into all of his creations should not be understated; instead, it should be celebrated!

Go check him out on YouTube, He’s got some fantastic videos and is also offering a download thanks to his channel reaching a hundred subscribers. He currently has a total of five videos uploaded, and he looks to be uploading more.