This Fall, The Rumble Fish 2 Will Be Released For The PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Switch, And PC

This Fall, The Rumble Fish 2 Will Be Released For The PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Switch, And PC

The Rumble Fish 2 2D fighting game has been released by 3goo, who first revealed it a few weeks ago.

This winter, the game will be available across all platforms for the PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. However, no precise date for release has been made public yet.

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Rumble Fish 2 wasn’t formally launched on consoles until it was released in Japanese arcades in 2005. Since then, it has developed a cult following among lovers of combat games.

Thanks to SMA (Fluid Model Animation), the game is renowned for its fluid animated film graphics. This series is well known in Japan but less well known in the West because it was never formally released for Europe or North America arcades.

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A 16:9 aspect ratio, online gameplay, a new instructional mode, and Rollback network code are just a few of the updates and new features that this new port will have to stay up with the times.

There is also a gallery mode where you may take in the artwork, music, behind-the-scenes information, and other things. You can change the AI behavior to explore your characters in the tutorial mode.

Although the menus and subtitles will only be available in English, they will also be available in Chinese (simplified and traditional), Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, and Korean.

The audio will only be in Japanese. Our goal at 3goo was to expand on this well-liked game by bringing it to console platforms and introducing great features the game has to offer to console players, like online PvP mode and a place to properly learn combos.

We eagerly anticipate the game’s release and look forward to it being available on consoles. Stay tuned for a few more exciting surprises that we will be made before the release, and we also hope that franchise lovers will be thrilled about them.