The Razer 2 Gaming Smartphone Is Now 50% Off Thanks To Current Deal From Amazon

The Razer 2 Gaming Smartphone Is Now 50% Off Thanks To Current Deal From Amazon
Credit: GamerBraves via YouTube

Portable gaming is a very interesting sector in gaming. The appeal here is the ability to play great video games on the go anywhere, anytime. There are a lot of ways to game on the go today, too.

One of the most popular ways is to use a gaming smartphone. There are a lot of them out on the market today, but one of the best is the Razer Phone 2. If you’ve held out on purchasing a gaming phone, now may be the perfect time as Amazon has a deal right now that’s making the Razer 2 50% off.

So, instead of paying the original price of $800, you would only have to shell out $400. That’s a pretty incredible deal, especially considering that most gaming smartphones are double that price. This Amazon deal won’t last forever, so you may want to act now if you’ve been looking to add one of these smartphones to your gaming collection.

A huge selling point right away with this phone is its water-resistant nature. Even if this phone gets wet, it will still perform optimally. You can thus get a little bolder as far as where you decide to take your portable gaming adventures.

The Razer Phone 2 also supports wireless charging. This is ideal if you want to cut the cord when getting your high-powered smartphone ready for some epic gaming. That’s not all, either. According to many reviews, the speakers on this gaming phone are incredible. This is great to see because audio is a pivotal aspect of portable gaming.

A great sound just immerses you into the game even more. You feel apart of the action and more engaged with your games. As far as storage, this gaming smartphone is compatible with 2TB microSD cards. That’s plenty of room for all of your titles. You’ll never have to worry about adding a bunch of games to your library and running out of storage.

Playing on the 120Hz screen is an experience that you have to see in person. The screen is actually pretty large for a smartphone, giving you the perfect view when taking your gaming adventures on the go.

For just $400, the Razer Phone 2 is a great value that could revolutionize the way you play video games. Whether you’re into first-person shooters or RPGs, this gaming phone will provide novel experiences that you can enjoy for the foreseeable future.

Most importantly, the Razer Phone 2 makes all of the right improvements from the original — which is always great to see.