The Prologue For Lapso Is Now Available On Steam For Free Titled Lapso NIMBO

The Prologue For Lapso Is Now Available On Steam For Free Titled Lapso NIMBO
Credit: Steam XO

Enter an atmospheric experience full of adventures and puzzles. Lapso: NIMBO takes players through an exploration adventure where players will be met with a puzzle-filled mystery environment. Although players are locked into first person perspective they will still get a full and fulfilling experience from this title.

The free demo previews the engine and story of Lapso. This prologue is available on Steam for free allowing fans an early taste at the upcoming puzzle adventure. This game pulls major inspiration from Myst, Obduction , and The Dig. islaOliva Games has worked hard to make this both a fulfilling and finished title.

After a flash of light catches Kali Muller she will be thrown into the a puzzle adventure beyond her imagination. Travel through the depths of Rockrose and learn the truth behind the legend of the land in this sci-fi puzzle indie title.

In the game, players learn that the Rockrose region has been filled with mystery and legend for a long time. The region is constantly traveled by hikers who return with strange stories of halos of light and strange noises.

The last time Kali Muller was seen was on the path leading to the lighthouse. She was known to frequent this spot, drawing strange figures of the shrines and studying local tales about the unexplained occurrences of the region. After she disappears without a trace, players are left investigating to see if the legends of the land are true.

This short adventure serves as a prologue to the main story of the game Lapso. While still in its early stages, the developers assure fans that the performance, graphics, SFX, and music will all be improved in the final product.

This game grants players access to a small section of Rockrose where several secrets are hidden. Reaching the end of the adventure relies on player’s ability to navigate to the end of puzzles. Explore an immersive world and be careful to take notes of every minor detail.

This game’s immersive environment becomes even more real with headphones. The developers took advantage of 3D audio being careful to tune it perfectly with each interaction in the game itself.

Enjoy HRTF audio profiles to create an even more unique 3D audio experience. By using the new Unity3D High Definition pipeline players can see an even more detailed world than ever before.

Lapso: NIMBO is available on Steam for free from Developer islaOliva Games.