The Pathless Releases November 12th, A Launch Trailer Is Now Available

The Pathless Releases November 12th, A Launch Trailer Is Now Available
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The long-awaited PlayStation 5 is releasing on November 12th. It has been a long time coming for fans looking to see what the next-gen console from Sony is truly capable of. A lot of intrigue has surrounded the list of games, especially.

If you’re into the action-adventure variety and plan on picking up a PS5 or already have yours on its way, then The Pathless might be a title you check out. It will be available on the same day as the PS5 launch. It’s also coming to the PS4 for those that plan on holding off on the next-gen purchase.

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The Pathless is about becoming the Hunter, a skilled warrior that uses a bow and arrow against dark spirits that have corrupted an innocent and beautiful world. You’ll go around taking out the corrupted one arrow shot at a time. You won’t have to do it alone, fortunately. The developer Giant Squid has hooked you up with your very own eagle.

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Throughout this incredible journey, you’ll forge an unforgettable bond that will help you face all of the obstacles and dark threats that come your way. Games with companions have a special type of play that definitely makes campaigns less lonely to experience. You get to develop a bond and have assistance when it’s warranted. The eagle in The Pathless looks like a particularly helpful companion to have by your side.

Visually, the game is soaking in atmosphere. The wooded areas seem to go on for days and the colors are immaculate. What is out in the distance and how far will you have to go to find answers? These questions warrant answers and you can bet you’ll get them with a little bit of investigation. Be careful, though, because the corrupted are always on the prowl.

If you’re excited to get your hands on The Pathless, only one more sleep before it can be yours. And to hold you over, there is a launch trailer that showcases the fantastic elements and the bond between The Hunter and the eagle.

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A lot of elements stand out from the trailer, such as the traversal system. The Hunter seems to possess incredible speeds that she’ll surely need when pitted against some tough odds. The scale of the environments also is impressive. The openness should give you plenty of opportunities to explore and learn more about the lore that Giant Squid has carefully put together.