The Most Recent Sims 4 Update Is Causing Excessive Crashing On PC And Consoles

The Most Recent Sims 4 Update Is Causing Excessive Crashing On PC And Consoles
Credit: EA via YouTube

On November 10, The Sims team announced the latest update for the game was available. The update came a few days before the launch of the Snowy Escape expansion pack out this week.

The major update was meant to fix several long-standing issues but also add new features such as platforms and “Sentiments.” Unfortunately, after many installed the update, many Simmers reported that their game was excessively crashing. Often, these issues are reported by PC players for reasons unrelated to the main update, but this time console players were reporting excessive crashing as well.

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PC players are always told to remove any script mods and backup custom content before installing a new update. After the script mod has been updated to match the newest official update, it’s usually safe to update the mod and then add it back in. Some did report issues, but The Sims team is often polite to report the issue is with a mod and not from the patch.

What made this update stand out is that the crashing was happening to console players as well. Console players can’t use mods, so the crashing is being caused by the new update.

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Fortunately, a few days after many Simmers began to express their frustrations online, The Sims team went to work. SimGuruNick reported that their team was working on resolving the issue.

Anyone who experiences crashing is asked to fill out a report on The Sims website, which is linked in SimGuruNick’s tweet. The reports have to be made depending on the platform, so players should make sure they’re reporting to the right place.

Those who are able to run the game are experiencing other issues not caused by outdated mods. Some players reported that their Sims couldn’t use indoor stairs, while others are experiencing no sound.

For now, it’s suggested not to update The Sims. Unfortunately, many Simmers have already updated their game because they were excited about the new content. One workaround seems to be running Origin in offline mode until the second patch to fix the first patch is available.

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The release time for the new patch is still unknown but is in progress.

The newest EP, Snowy Escape, launches tomorrow, November 13, for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.