The Launch Trailer Is Officially Here For Truck Driver, A Driving Simulator With A Lot Of Depth

The Launch Trailer Is Officially Here For Truck Driver, A Driving Simulator With A Lot Of Depth
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Have you ever fantasized about hauling a big rig across the country? Now, you can in Truck Driver. This driving simulator developed by Triangle Studios puts you in the seat of a full-sized rig, where you’ll get to go across the country with different loads. It sounds like a basic premise, but judging by a new launch trailer that just surfaced, Truck Driver actually looks pretty fun and in-depth.

The trailer starts off showcasing different rigs in different environments across the country. The amount of detail is pretty impressive for a trucking simulator. The developers are trying to immerse you into this popular industry like never before. After seeing some of the environments you’ll be navigating, some footage of the missions are shown.

You’ll be spending a lot of time helping the local community with their products and materials. During your mission, the client you’re currently hauling loads for will provide updates on what they need done. It may be to switch drop-off locations or to speed up your rig to reach a tighter deadline. There seems to be a good bit of variety to keep the driving fresh. That’s always a great thing to see in a simulator as real as Truck Driver. You have plenty of content to look forward to with every haul.

According to the trailer, you’ll be able to buy all sorts of things once you accumulate enough money. For example, you can buy trucks, exhausts, fenders, and even paint jobs. There is a lot of variety in terms of truck customizations, which should keep driven all while helping your local community. It’s up to you to help the community expand and grow into something magnificent.

You won’t be handed everything at first, though. You will in fact start at the bottom rung and have to work your way up to elite truck driver status. Upon doing so, you’ll get better gigs that pay much more. As you progress in Truck Driver, you’ll also forge relationships with the community. This is where a lot of the depth comes into play. You’re not just driving a rig selfishly, trying to make as much money as possible. Rather, you’re helping those you care most about grow their business or help out when they’re in a bind.

If you’ve always wanted to see what being a full-time truck driver requires, Truck Driver is the game for you. Navigating the different environments and building your cred sounds like a fun time.