The Latest Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Patch Brings New Photo Mode And Does Not Break Lightsaber Builds

The Latest Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Patch Brings New Photo Mode And Does Not Break Lightsaber Builds
Credit: EA Star Wars via YouTube

The next update for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will include two new features that plenty of fans have been clamoring about since the game’s initial release.

According to an announcement made by Respawn Entertainment, the latest patch will include a brand new photo mode and the ability to remove an unseemly part of Cal’s lightsaber that many fans had been annoyed with because it couldn’t be altered or taken off of the lightsaber. Of course, the lightsaber part can only be taken off after a certain part of the story has been passed. But that’s probably not much of an issue since most players won’t have their desired build until later in the game anyway.

Photo mode will allow players to—well, what else?—take photos within the game. To access photo mode, players will need to press down on both stick buttons. It’s a pretty simple process. For a game as beautiful as Fallen Order, that simplicity will go a long way. But Respawn has taken that simplicity to a whole new level here.

Players will be able to apply filters and use certain enhancements to capture Cal and enemies in motion. So the photo mode can be used to get great shots of the players in the middle of battle, lightsabers swinging and blaster bolts flying. It should be a whole lot of fun to snap some shots of an amazing action game.

The lightsaber update is in response to something that has vexed serious fans of the game for a while now. In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, players are given amazing customization options for their character’s lightsaber.

There’s plenty of customization options throughout the game. You can get new ponchos, backpacks, and change aspects of your droid. You can even find lightsaber pieces and combine them to make whatever you want. You can fuse pieces of woods with intricate carvings into the steel handle, wrap leather around the grip, or whatever. But before now, there has been one big issue with all of that.

You can’t change the Ceres Switch. And for some of the most intense gamers, this was a huge problem. Technical details aside, imagine finding a bunch of pieces that clearly go together thematically, putting them all together, and then having a huge eyesore in the middle of the saber that doesn’t go with anything else. That’s the Ceres Switch. And now it can finally be removed.