The Latest Sims 4 Expansion, The Realm Of Magic, Might Wind Up Making The Game A Little Too Easy

The Latest Sims 4 Expansion, The Realm Of Magic, Might Wind Up Making The Game A Little Too Easy
Credit: The Sims via YouTube

Sims 4 is like most Sims games. Gamers need to be able to feed their characters, provide access to the bathroom, make sure nothing starts on fire, cater to their emotional needs, and all the rest. Sims are more like adult children that need to be constantly supervised than any sort of actual adult simulation. And that is where all the fun comes from.

The latest expansion to the game is the Realm of Magic, which will allow the Sims to be able to learn how to practice and use magic. As you might imagine, this opens up a whole slew of different options that each player can use when crafting their characters and playing the game. Maybe you can use magic to hurt a rival character or to advance at your job or to build certain portions of the house. But the major problem is this: Does the update complement the original game dynamics or does it make the base game sorta pointless?

Well, some fans believe it might make the game worse as a whole. But clearly that is not necessarily a widespread opinion.

Most Sims 4 fans are just excited that the new update includes customizable stairs since, in previous versions of the game, players were restricted to only one type of stairs. If players wanted to build L-shape stairwells, then they would have to jury-rig the stairs so it came out the way they wanted it to.

The premise behind Realm of Magic is simple. Every player can either convert a normal character into a spellcaster or start a whole new fresh one. These characters then receive three special skill trees for spellcasting.

Unlock vampires, which are also part of the game, spellcasters have the same needs as every other character. Vampires get to have eternal life and do not need to eat or sleep as normal Sims do, but they come with their own needs.

But spellcasters are just like regular Sims for the most part. The trees are untamed magic, practical magic, and mischief magic. The untamed magic allows Sims to cause fires and destroy things. Practical magic helps Sims repair things around the house and do the normal day-to-day stuff. Finally, Mischief magic can be used against other Sims to cause problems.

The advantages of the spellcasting system, however, do not come with disadvantages as the vampire characters do. So many of the powers a spellcaster might be able to wield actually make the game a lot easier in the long run. This might be a problem for the more serious players. Oh well. It’s still a lot of fun.