The Iconic DC Universe Online Is Heading To The Nintendo Switch; Features Hundreds Of Comic Book Characters

The Iconic DC Universe Online Is Heading To The Nintendo Switch; Features Hundreds Of Comic Book Characters
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Online multiplayer games are all the rage nowadays. Games like Destiny and Fallout 76 have swept the gaming nation, featuring epic multiplayer experiences. One game that set the tone for this specific gaming genre is DC Universe Online.

When it first released all the way back in 2011, it was one of the best free games on the market. You had the chance to create your very own superhero and experience epic challenges with friends and strangers across the globe. Even to this day, DC Universe Online provides great online experiences on a consistent basis.

Those that have a Nintendo Switch will be happy to know that this epic online multiplayer is coming to the platform in the summer, according to Daybreak Games. This is huge news for comic and Switch fans across the globe.

What’s extremely intriguing about this announcement is the ability to experience this superhero game with the Switch’s portable screen. Many have wondered if the title would ever make its way to a portable device, and now those wishes have been answered.

If you haven’t had the chance to play DC Universe Online, it’s completely free to enjoy. You have the chance to become a superhero or villain. When you first start out, you have so many ways to customize your character. There are numerous costumes, abilities, accessories, and maneuverability options.

The developers really wanted to give fans of comics and movies the chance to become a hero or villain like never before. After creating your character, you can pretty much go anywhere and do whatever you want. Where this game really shines is its addicting gameplay.

No matter what mission you’re on, you can find something to love. It may involve beating up evil henchman or taking out a top-tiered boss. Whatever you do, you have the chance to experience it with others in group battles. Sometimes they’re necessary, especially if you want to take down a high-level boss.

Another thing that’s noteworthy about DC Universe Online is your ability to come in contact with popular superheroes and villains depicted in the comics and movies. You feel like you’re apart of the action and part of their universe.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, this free-to-play online multiplayer is a must-play title on day one. It should give you hours and hours of fun to enjoy either solo or with a party. Again, look for it to hit sometime in the summer via the Nintendo Store.