The Falconeer’s Latest Trailer Breaks Down One Of The Factions

The Falconeer’s Latest Trailer Breaks Down One Of The Factions
Credit: PC Gamer via YouTube

One of the more unique RPGs that’s coming down the road is The Falconeer. It’s a game about flying massive falcons, which operate much like fighter jets. You’ll get to fly through the air and engage in falcon combat with others.

The Falconeer is already showing a ton of potential. We’ve been treated to a couple of gameplay trailers, showing off the aerial action in great detail. In the latest trailer, we get a hands-on look at one of the factions in the game called Mancer.

The trailer starts off explaining some of the history and motivations behind the Mancer faction. They’re following a ghost,  a son and brother that wants to become a god. Those that follow the faction have one of two goals: die or ascend. There is no middle ground and they’re haunted by past memories of this folly. Right away, it seems like the Mancer faction is conflicted with inner turmoil. They’re trying to escape their past and become something more than human.

This is just one of many factions included in The Falconeer. It’s great seeing the developer Tomas Sala get this detailed with giving these factions backstories. It should make the story in the campaign all the more memorable and emotional. Who knows what secrets you’ll uncover and how the various factions will interact with each other? You can bet their will be deceit and plot twists along the way.

These story elements are showing a lot of promise for this flying RPG. You can expect to find a lot of explanation behind the lore in this game, which should make this RPG a satisfying experience overall. As we draw closer to this game’s release, it won’t be surprising to see the developer put out more faction trailers. Hopefully, they’re as interesting as the Mancer group. They seem like a formidable opponent early on thanks to their never-ending pursuit of knowledge and power.

It would be nice to see a faction that’s the polar opposite as to give the story added diversity and potentially set up a heated rival. Time will tell. What we do know is The Falconeer is looking like a beautiful game based on early visuals of the sea-oriented world, Ursee. The flight mechanics also look solid. Even the threats you’ll come in contact with, including dragons and flying eels, seem very unique. Let’s just hope this game gets released sooner rather than later. The wait is becoming harder to bare.