The Epic Games Store Is Offering The Tactical Roguelite Bad North: Jotunn Edition For Free

The Epic Games Store Is Offering The Tactical Roguelite Bad North: Jotunn Edition For Free
Credit: EurogamerGermany via YouTube

The Epic Games Store is once again offering a free game to PC users looking for something interesting to add to their collection. This time, it’s the tactical roguelite Bad North: Jotunn Edition. It will be available for the next couple of days, so if you like strategy and are looking to dive deep into tactical combat, then head on over to the Epic Games Store today.

It has received mostly positive praise on every platform it is being offered on. Developed by Plausible Concept, Bad North lets you defend an island kingdom against brutal Viking invaders. You’re the leader and it will be up to you to stop their brutal culture from spreading like wildfire.

Because the islands your people inhabit have unique shapes, you’ll constantly be planning your defense strategies. Vikings will ambush the island from all directions, so you have to decide where to position your troops. That’s where the tactical strategy comes into play. There are times when you have to quickly re-locate as an invading Viking ship approaches from behind or on the side.

Being able to swivel the camera over helps give you great vantage points of the islands, making it easy to see oncoming attackers. Where this game really stands out in the roguelite department is every person you’re in charge of matters. Losing a commander will be devastating to the rest of the defenders. If you lose too many of them, then you’ll lose the game entirely. For this reason, there’s a lot of weight to everything you do in Bad North: Jotunn Edition.

Another standout feature is every viking encounter is different. Some may take a heads-on approach to your defenses while others may sit back and come up with something more calculated. It’s up to you to assess the situation at hand and move your soldiers in the appropriate areas. The real-time decision making keeps you immersed in every battle from start to finish.

The more you play, the more upgrades you’ll unlock. They’re key to building an elite defense, one that will put up quite the fight against the lawless Viking horde. Additionally, every island you fight on is procedurally-generated and unique. In this way, the gameplay is always fresh.

Being able to play this strategy game for an extended time — let alone own it — is incredible. Epic Games really is doing everything they can to do right by its fanbase.