The Division 2 Has Released Patch 6.1 Notes That Detail Christmas Content, A New Hardcore Mode, And So Much More

The Division 2 Has Released Patch 6.1 Notes That Detail Christmas Content, A New Hardcore Mode, And So Much More
Credit: Instacodez

On December 10 at 12:30 AM PT / 3:30 AM ET The Division 2 will go offline for maintenance for approximately four hours. When it comes back, there will be content for fans to explore, as update 6.1 is fully implemented into the game. This will bring the promised Christmas content along with the Harcore Mode beta that fans have long-awaited. This update will be implemented on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It is expected to be roughly 3 GB big, so make sure you have enough space for this download.

The Division 2 has enjoyed a long healthy life since its release. Fans have enjoyed tons of firefights, combat, and action as they battle through a city at war. After gaining the gear and powering through the story, fans wanted a bigger challenge, and they may finally be getting what they have asked for.

The update is proudly introducing a new in-game event known as Situation: Snowball. This event will bring some holiday cheer to the dark and dreary overtone of the game by adding a festive makeover to the player’s agent login screen. Players can also receive a Holiday Supplies pack, which will feature three Standard Apparel Keys, three pieces of equipment, and a Holiday hat.

It is currently unknown whether the Holiday hat is different from the Santa hats that Ambusher Hoarders are will be wearing, but they are sure to look good in the midst of any firefight. Keep in mind the Ambusher Hoarders will be dripping the snowball-firing Sleigher weapon when you take them down, so keep your eyes open for a chance to snag this gear.

Aside from the holidays, the update is bringing the latest Apparel Event forwards. Players will be able to collect four new outfits, five emotes, nine weapon skins, and a new mask. Ubisoft has previously confirmed that 35 items of clothing would be added over time, so players should watch out for those items.

If you are one of the fans hoping to jump in on the beta for Hardcore Mode, keep in mind you will only have one life to live. In this mode, you will have to avoid death entirely in the game, so make sure you take your time and not rush into any dangerous situations. Only the most hardcore players need to sign up for this mode and the challenge within.

There are also gameplay talent changes coming to the game. Vendors will sell a wider variety of items, and you will find that Cassie Mendoza has two named items and Shield Splinterer always in stock. Shield Splinterer will be permanent, and the other two will be rotating items.

There are tons of other quality of life updates added. Xbox One players will be happy to know that the issue preventing them from installing the game from the disc has now been addressed. You can find a full list of patch notes on the official Division 2 website.