Takedown Notices For The Grand Theft Auto 4 Definitive Edition Project Have Been Sent By Rockstar

Takedown Notices For The Grand Theft Auto 4 Definitive Edition Project Have Been Sent By Rockstar
Credit: ign

Take-Two Interactive, the firm that owns Rockstar Games, has continued its crusade against Grand Theft Auto mods, with the newest casualty being a Grand Theft Auto 4 remaster mod.

It was recently verified by The Definitive Edition Project that its internet server has received a DMCA takedown request, likely from Rockstar or its parent company Take-Two Interactive. The warning demanded the deletion of the group’s GTA 4 – Definitive Edition project, which included mods and fan-made fixes to significantly enhance the PC port of the game despite its age.

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On Twitter, The Definitive Edition Project said, “I knew this day was coming.” Finally, we have a DMCA on our GTAIV DE patch from Rockstar (I presume). Ok, it looks like we’ll have to scrub the site clean of any references to GTAIV.

After the takedown was announced, The Definitive Edition Project tweeted that just GTA 4 was affected. For the time being, the site’s Original Trilogy mods are safe, although the Project didn’t seem very optimistic that they would remain accessible for very long. Just take advantage of it while you can, the site’s Twitter handle said.

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The Definitive Edition is an ambitious project, the group’s website claims, to improve and update the dated PC ports of Rockstar’s games. Reborn is a mod pack for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that was started in 2016. Later, modifications for Grand Theft Auto 3, San Andreas, Chinatown Wars, and other Rockstar titles like Bully and The Warriors were included.

It is interesting to note that Take-takedown Two’s request primarily focused on GTA 4 content. Take-Two engaged in behavior of a similar nature in the lead-up to the announcement of its very own Definitive Edition of the original Grand Theft Auto trilogy, which, even though it was a commercial failure when it was first released, still managed to turn a profit. This may be the first sign that a Grand Theft Auto 4 remaster is in the works.