Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rumor Regarding Sora From Kingdom Hearts Is Seemingly Debunked…Again

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rumor Regarding Sora From Kingdom Hearts Is Seemingly Debunked…Again
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

This is the rumor that just won’t die.

People continue to try and spread rumors that Sora from Kingdom Hearts is going to be one of the newest additions to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster.

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And while that would be absolutely amazing, it seems like a dream that is never going to materialize.

The rumor popped up again last week, with supposed proof hitting the internet.

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The evidence in question was a supposed screenshot of Sora in the game that was “leaked” onto 4chan. However, it seems as though this has been debunked.

The original screenshot showed Sora, wearing his black and red outfit from Kingdom Hearts 3, striking a pose as he faces off with Incineroar. However, when a seasoned Smash Bros. player takes a close look at the pose Sora is striking, it starts to look very familiar.

It’s the same animation that Shulk uses, which means that the supposed leaked image was just a very convincing mod that used Shulk as the template.

So, while people continue to hope for Sora as one of the next characters coming to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters’ Pass, this is not the proof you’re looking for.

Perhaps this persistent rumor keeps popping up because there was, at one time, a snowball’s chance that it could happen.

According to a report that circulated last year, Nintendo was interested in Sora joining the battle. Based on that report, it seemed as though Square Enix was all for the idea, having already provided characters like Cloud Strife to the game.

But Kingdom Hearts is not the sole property of Square Enix. It is co-owned by Disney, and the House of Mouse was reportedly not too keen on the main character from its game series popping up in another company’s title.

So, all talks of Sora apparently died on that day, but fans have not given up hope.

Most recently, the Fighters’ Pass DLC added Steve from Minecraft to the game’s roster. There are several slots left to be announced so the rumors are flying.

Some of the popular rumors are Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, Dante from Devil May Cry, Master Chief from Halo, and even Nintendo characters like Waluigi from the Super Mario games.

Typically, these announcements are made by Mr. Sakurai, the game’s director, in special online broadcasts. The gaming world is undoubtedly waiting with baited breath to see who the next character to join the battle might be.

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Just…no more Fire Emblem characters, please?