Steam Client Beta Update Includes Support For The Newest PlayStation Controllers

Steam Client Beta Update Includes Support For The Newest PlayStation Controllers
Credit: The Almost Gone via Steam

If you’ve been sitting at your computer with only the Microsoft Xbox controller, you can safely count yourself as one of the very many.

Microsoft controllers have largely been the ready ‘go-to’ for controller-supported titles where accuracy is needed less and the ability to fine-tune directions, such as for a title that readily offers driving (Rocket League comes to mind) thanks to Microsoft’s iron-tight grip on the Windows platform.

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Slowly but steadily, PlayStation controllers (such as the DualShock 4) have been encroaching on the ground that was once considered out of reach for the corporation; thanks to the help of programs such as DS4Windows that offer a DualShock translation to the more widely favored Xbox controller.

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Steam has also been a flagstone of the shift, readily supporting PlayStation controller support through Steam that makes connecting and using your preferred controller easy (most of the time) as they rear their heads to once again be the counter-point to Microsoft, as they’ve done with Steam Proton and Steam Machines.

Now, the newest PlayStation 5 controller (DualSense) is receiving support within Steam in the most recent beta client.

Valve notes that specific functions that DualSense readily offers for PlayStation 5 owners, such as gyro support and trackpad usage, are not currently supported within the beta client; it is presumed that support for these controller-specific mechanics will be forthcoming in the future.

Also in the Steam patch came support for Xbox Series X controllers, with developers attempting to stymie the bug that has the Xbox Series X controller appearing (or reading) as two separate controllers.

Yet the question is being raised as we’re now talking about controllers: is the newest Steam controller going to arrive anytime soon, if at all?

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We noted that Valve was making a few patents regarding Steam Controller technology after the ill-fated original controller was proven to be a bit difficult for users to customize, which resulted in wide-spreading support for the controller dying out for all but the most steadfast fans that want to bring their titles away from the mouse and keyboard.

Some blame the execution of Valve, making a nightmare of menus to navigate to customize the controller (or explain to other users how to use the controller) and others note that people expected a classic ‘plug and play’ opportunity that they are used to from controllers.

Here’s hoping Valve’s work with controllers (and making them far more accessible) is anything but over.