Spider Man: Miles Morales Gets A Performance RT Mode That Mixes 60 FPS With Light Ray Tracing

Spider Man: Miles Morales Gets A Performance RT Mode That Mixes 60 FPS With Light Ray Tracing
Credit: Insomniac Games via YouTube

For far too long, console users have generally had to deal with whatever ‘vision’ developers had when publishing their titles for specific consoles.

There have been none of the long-beloved features that PC players have the ability to enjoy: turning off certain settings that they prefer not to deal with, and generally dancing around the settings page until they can find a preferred framerate that doesn’t sacrifice too heavily on quality.

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Many PC players find 60 FPS the minimum acceptable framerate, and 120 is preferable: the additional fidelity and quality settings tend to come after that baseline target being reached.

Console players, on the other hand, haven’t been as lucky: titles tend to run how they run and there’s little rhyme or reason presented to players regarding a frankly appalling lack of options to determine how to make a console work best for your style and play type.

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Some are there to stop and smell the roses as they admire the reflections in every puddle they can find, and others are far more interested in fluid combat and smooth gameplay.

Insomniac Games, developer of Spider-Man: Miles Morales is attempting to give a bit more options to PlayStation users regarding what they would prefer with a healthy mix of both with a new feature called ‘Performance RT’ (RT standing for raytracing) that aims for sixty frames per second first, and then adds in light raytracing effects to give the title that next-generation shine that is expected.

It isn’t the in-depth options that gamers have been wanting for; some titles still can’t figure out how to offer options on a PC much less a console where customization is more limited, but it’s clear that there could be an incoming future, carried by the PlayStation 5, where console users will be able to determine precisely how they want their title to be played.

Console or not, it looks fantastic and fluid, to the point that it could very well make a few computer enthusiasts do a double-take. Crisp, fluid, and next-generation in spades.


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Even with Twitter’s de facto compression, the above clip exudes a luster that could make more than a few turn green with envy.

The newest update released yesterday brought the option that set social media buzzing yesterday even with Cyberpunk 2077 on the near horizon, as some noted that the ability to consistently run titles at 60 frames per second has brought about the greatest feeling of ‘next-gen’ yet.