Sony, Getting More Ambitious With The Playstation 5 Arrival? Playstation Now To Make PS5 Release Date More Worthwhile

Sony, Getting More Ambitious With The Playstation 5 Arrival? Playstation Now To Make PS5 Release Date More Worthwhile
Credit: ZONEofTECH via YouTube

Sony Interactive Entertainment is said to be getting more ambitious as it plans for the arrival of PlayStation 5.

A lot of gamers have been waiting for updates about the upcoming product. Many of them have been on lookout, as well, for ways they can maximize their PS5 units.

The latest reports reveal that the Japan-based company is developing a strategy to make use of its cloud gaming service. This could mean that numerous games can be streamed and played on PS5. Alternatively, there could be other features that Sony would introduce eventually.

To recall, PS Now was launched in 2015. It allows gamers to stream various PS2, PS3, and PS4 titles on the PS4 console. These games can be played, too, on a PC with Microsoft Windows via the subscription-based service. You may check this video of the highly popular games on PlayStation Now.

Would the improvement bring the same feature for PlayStation 5? Honestly, there could be more than that. In short, the new PS Now would not be all about streaming alone.

Based on the reported patent from Sony, the following features and capabilities could be expected:

• The update would allow gamers to share whatever saves they have. This means that they may enable family and friends to see a glimpse of how they have come so far.

• Sharing of saves gives more than just that. PlayStation 5 players may share a link of their save points through social media or their email accounts. Friends may click on it and start playing from where the gamers have left. Sounds exciting, right?

• The PlayStation Now update would also allow gamers to create their small demos of gameplays. They could create one and share it with friends.

• To create a customized demo of a game, gamers could use their creativity and editing skills. They could slice and put together certain portions of game videos to come up with a short gameplay demo.

• The demos made by gamers are playable. Thus, other players could try them for themselves. In the meantime, they could likewise play the demos by other players.

The upcoming updates may appear enticing to gamers. Nevertheless, Sony could benefit from it, as well. The playable customized demos would serve as ad materials for games. Once players like a particular game, there is a considerable chance that they would buy the full version.

While this news sounds extra exciting, there have been no reports yet as to when this PS Now update would drop. Would it be available as soon as PlayStation 5 is released? No one knows.