Some Early Reviews Have Started Coming In For Doom Eternal, Which Releases In A Couple Of Days

Some Early Reviews Have Started Coming In For Doom Eternal, Which Releases In A Couple Of Days
Credit: IGN via YouTube

One of the more anticipated games of 2020 is Doom Eternal. It’s picking up where Doom 2016 left off, with intense first-person shooter action, metal music, and demons of otherworldly proportions. id Software has done a wonderful job at marketing this FPS leading up to its release, showing ample footage of gameplay and story elements.

Even though the game hasn’t officially come out yet, there are select people in the industry who’ve played it all the way through. Reviews have thus started to trickle in. So, was Doom Eternal a smashing success and does it improve upon previous installments in all of the right ways? Let’s take a look.

Right out of the gate, Doom Eternal is an intense experience. It hits the jugular right out of the gate and doesn’t take its foot off the gas pedal until the end. That’s perfect if you like action-packed games that keep you locked in shooting action.

There will be times when you experience fatigue and naturally want to take a break. After some pause — though — you’ll want to get back to the slaying action. It’s this successful recipe that will keep you coming back time and time again.

Doom Eternal also shines bright regarding its story. Never before have we seen this much information on the demon threats that now walk the Earth or the Slayer tasked with putting a stop to their lust for destruction.  Peeling back the curtains gives Doom Eternal a well-rounded feel, which hasn’t really been present in previous installments. If you’ve had questions about the origin of these evils, you’ll get the answers you’ve longed for.

There are some that have been put off by the heavy focus on story, but most reviewers are praising id Software for their continued efforts to expand the series and keep it going strong. There have also been reviewers that feel like this game can be too difficult at times. For instance, there is a huge focus on resource management. You’re constantly having to manage ammunition and keep guns for certain threats. At times, it can seem pretty challenging.

Still if you’re up for a challenge, the resources and the various combat systems will keep you entertained all the way through. Intensity is one of the best descriptions that you could use for Doom Eternal. It’s a roll-coaster of demon-slaying, metal headbanging, and just pure awesomeness. If you’re a fan of the Doom franchise, then this is one of the best installments to date.