Riot Brings New Fixes, Changes, And Improvements In League Of Legends’ Sizable Patch 10.6

Riot Brings New Fixes, Changes, And Improvements In League Of Legends’ Sizable Patch 10.6
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

League of Legends is a massive game at this point after all of the additions Riot Games has made over the last decade. We’ve been writing about them pretty frequently lately because, frankly, the developers just won’t stop adding content! Of all the problems to have, that might be the best one.

Their most recent patch is 10.6, which comes with a huge amount of changes and alterations to champions, some balance changes, alterations directed to jungling mechanics, and a few words on the game’s funnel mechanics.

Seventeen champions see some changes here, which we’ll go over in a separate article since that’s simply too much to cover. But at a quick glance, we can say that there are nerfs to Aphelios, Darius, Garen, Senna, and Shaco, as well as adjustments made to Wukong. Multiple champions have been buffed as well, including Draven, Xerath, and Ryze, with a handful of others.

Moving to the autofill balance of ranked, Riot made some alterations to help prevent or even out the autofill mechanics that than weaken a team. Riot has decided to let queues lengthen a bit so that they can try to put people in their preferred ranks rather than autofilling them. They’re also looking at a similar change to make the number of premades equal and balance teams properly in that manner. All in all, they’re making heavy alterations to try to make ranked matches fairer.

Moving to jungling alterations, the team has buffed the damage done to monsters by Brand, Morgana, Shen, Teemo, Yorick, and Zyra to try and increase the pool of jungling mechanics. This way, they hope to bring more variation to team compositions and the jungling role in general.

The funnel mechanic change is a relatively major one as well. If more than half of your farm is from minions, you’ll receive 13 less gold and 50% less xp. This change is removed at 14 minutes, but will certainly temper down anyone who’s been snowballing.

Riot also altered the Teleport summoner spell, which now will have a cooldown between 420-240 seconds depending on your level. It also now grants 3 seconds of 30-50% movement speed upon completed teleport.

Those are all the major changes! There are a few other alterations – changing what items are recommended for different champions on the store, changing Kai’sa’s damage for ARAMs, and other minor changes that the general player isn’t likely to notice. Either way, it seems like there are some sizable shakeups coming to the Rift soon!