SNK NEOGEO MVSX Home Arcade Preorder Date Announced For September

SNK NEOGEO MVSX Home Arcade Preorder Date Announced For September
Credit: NeoGeo MVSX Official Website

Gstone Group is working closely with SNK to release the SNK NEOGEO MVSX Home Arcade. The cabinet will contain 50 classic SNK Neogeo titles and include ten built-in languages. Similar to game cabinets players may remember from arcades, players choose which game they want to play from a selection screen.

The company has released additional information about the upcoming home arcade. Along with a sample of some of the games, the preorder and release window information is now available.

The MVSX Home Arcade will include MVS arcade and the AES home versions of games such as The King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting and sports titles including Baseball Stars Professional and Top Player’s Golf. The full list of games is available on the MVSX home arcade website.

The 1280×1024 LCD screen is 17 inches and has two-player support. The size and panels have just enough room for two players to battle at the same time. The arcade has analog joysticks and buttons, including the “Select Game” button. The machine itself is in red and black, along with a selection of four famous games places at the top of the machine.

The games have been digitally installed into the home arcade, so players don’t need to connect it to the internet. There’s no ability to load original MVS cartridges into the home arcade.

The preorder is only for the home arcade itself. The game will ship with the home arcade, DC power adapter, quick start guide, and figures of Terry Bogard and Iori Yagami from the King of Fighters series.

However, the main site and the FAQ page lists some inconsistent information and isn’t complete. The main page doesn’t state the home arcade comes with figures, but the FAQ does.

GStone Group will also sell a base for the arcade at launch while will transform the tabletop arcade into an arcade cabinet that is almost five feet tall. Players have the option to buy each piece separately or purchase the home arcade and base together.

Those who want to stay up to date on when the preorders open can sign up for the email newsletter on the MVSX website.

The SNK NEOGEO MVSX Home Arcade will ship in North America within November 2020.