What Is GolfTopia? The Golf Course Management Game With A Wacky Futuristic Twist Releases Today

What Is GolfTopia? The Golf Course Management Game With A Wacky Futuristic Twist Releases Today
Credit: MinMax via YouTube

GolfTopia, from MinMax Games, releases on Steam today. Here’s a rundown of everything you can expect from this wacky golf course management game, with robotic workers and particularly vicious weeds.

You’re responsible for every aspect of the golf course, and it’s one of the first games to bring Tycoon-level of customisation to the sport of golf. You place every building, every tee, and can even terraform the earth to create very unique courses.

Even if you’re not a fan of golf, GolfTopia also introduces a sort of tower defence element as you try to protect your golf course from the ever-increasing spread of vicious weeds on the horizon.

With an army of droid workers and an assembly of powerful defensive turrets, you can protect your golf course creation (and your golfers) from becoming enveloped in a tangle of nasty weeds.

This is what makes GolfTopia really stand out from the dearth of other simulation and tycoon games seen in recent years. Sure, Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster are cornerstones of the genre in the modern era, but GolfTopia is definitely pushing the tropes in a new direction.

You can follow each individual golfer as they attempt to get through your wacky golf course. It’s up to you how tricky the course is, with all sorts of pitfalls and tricky spots along the way.

The golfers will let you know how they feel about the course through your special park-running omnipotent mind-reading powers. Check in regularly to see what sort of feedback the golfers are giving – keep them happy long enough and you’ll have loyal patrons.

GolfTopia also pushes beyond the boring reality of modern golf by introducing wacky futuristic tech. This brings your course more in line with an enormous crazy golf course in space rather than a sunny nine-hole walk in Wales.

There are fans, bumpers, jumps and all sorts of other strange things you can build on your course. It’s up to you whether you want your golfers to have a lovely time or a horrible time by making your course as easy or as fundamentally impossible as you like.

GolfTopia is a game to keep your eye on, a little gem that sticks out from the tycoon genre like a flagpole on a golf course. It releases today on Steam.