Should You Do The Calvert-Lewin POTM SBC In FIFA 21? Premier League Striker Is The First Big SBC In FUT

Should You Do The Calvert-Lewin POTM SBC In FIFA 21? Premier League Striker Is The First Big SBC In FUT
Credit: EA

Dominic Calvert-Lewin wins the Premier League Player of the Month and is now available as an SBC in FIFA 21. It’s also release day, with OTW packs and more packs arriving after 6pm BST today. So what about this SBC? Is it worth doing?

The first POTM player is always hype in FIFA, and Calvert-Lewin is no exception. He has received the award for his great performance so far in the PL, scoring several goals and helping Everton reach the top of the league table. His card in FIFA is 84 rated and requires an 83 and an 84 team to complete both segments.

What are his stats like? Not bad, not bad at all. Will he live up to the hype of Pukki from FIFA 20? Potentially, although many are saying that this SBC is pretty overpriced at this time. According to various websites, the SBC is coming in close to 70k coins…quite a lot on the launch day of the game.

You’ll need an inform player for the first segment (an 84 rated squad) with a Jumbo Gold Pack as the reward. The second segment is an 84 rated player with a Premier League player. As it stands, 83 and 84 rated players are still very low as the hype around various SBCs hasn’t even really started yet.

Check out his stats on FUTBIN. He has great sprint spreed and decent acceleration (very important stats in this FIFA) and pretty great shooting stats. Look at that jumping stat (95!) which seems fair when he’s scored so many headers already in the league. This makes him a good target man and fitting with the new crossing meta in FUT 21.

You should pay attention to his weak foot and skills. Both at 3-star, this is quite low. However, some of the most meta skills right now are still available to you (such as the double tap of RB/R1). You shouldn’t notice these stats too much in game.

How does he compare with other strikers in the league? Well, Pukki caused a bit of a crash on PL strikers last year in FUT, will Calvert Lewin do the same? Vardy, Werner and other meta strikers will still retain their value, just for those pace stats and shooting.

Overall, should you do the Calvert Lewin SBC? The first POTM card is always an iconic item throughout the year and a card of this quality will likely last you a good few months of gameplay. It can also be used in a future SBC. Overall, this is an 8/10 SBC.