Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Is Up For Grabs In January For PS Plus Members

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Is Up For Grabs In January For PS Plus Members
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

The list of PS Plus games for January was recently revealed on PlayStation‘s Twitter page, which includes a lot of solid offerings by the look of things. If you’re a Tomb Raider fan, you’re definitely in luck because in the list is Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

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This follow-up sequel to Rise of the Tomb Raider features the iconic Lara Croft once again, as she tries to save the world from a Maya apocalypse. Like the previous installments in this reboot, the graphics are sharper and the gameplay is much more dynamic.

The story and puzzle elements shine bright in this finale chapter of Lara’s earlier life, before she becomes the tomb raider that people know and love her for today.

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The developer peeled back the curtain even more on Lara as a female protagonist, showing some warm charm that she displayed before having to adapt into a lethal killer hellbent on saving the world.

Cinematic action sequences keep the momentum going strong throughout the game’s main campaign. They feel like a big blockbuster that you would experience in movies like Indiana Jones and National Treasure.

Croft’s main mission is to find an item that could possibly save the world from oblivion, but there are other noteworthy themes that keep you invested like the motif of obsession. Coupled with the competent story are plenty of diverse puzzles to solve all the way through.

They really do put up quite a challenge that will have you thinking carefully about how to proceed. Then combat sequences are mixed in, although they’re not as heavily present like they were in previous installments.

A lot of fans have actually appreciated this shift in gameplay because it’s a tip of the hat to the earlier games in the series. Still, the combat is competent and gives you plenty to work with.

If you’re up for Lara’s last grand adventure in this particular series, then put your PS Plus membership to good use this January and claim Shadow of the Tomb Raider for nothing.

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January’s list of freebies is looking like a pretty solid lineup and that’s great considering what type of unpredictable year 2020 has been. At least with PS Plus, members always know that great titles are coming their way each month. This membership program continues to be one of the best ways to pick up PS4 games and that doesn’t seem to be changing heading into 2021.