Shadow Gangs Is Headed To Xbox One With Some Masterful Arcade Ninja Action

Shadow Gangs Is Headed To Xbox One With Some Masterful Arcade Ninja Action
Credit: Steam XO

Originally released on Steam back in April, JKM Corp is porting their retro ninja title to Xbox One for a whole new audience to conquer. Enter into a unique arcade-style experience with hand-drawn features that are animated using traditional techniques.

This is a game of skill and speed as players embrace the life of Dan in Shadow Gangs. Fight enemies in a 80s style adventure as you explore a world backed by an epic guitar soundtrack. After Dan’s family is kidnapped, you must seek revenge against an entire Ninja order.

Dan’s adventure stretches over 15 retro levels. Players must battle and overcome six tough bosses as they continue through each round. As you seek revenge, take a break in two unique bonus stages that can rack up points and skill with unique executions.

You are going against the Shadow Force crime syndicate, better known as Shadow Gangs. As you are the crimson ninja, Dan must fight through endless waves of enemies who want nothing more than to seperate your head from your body.

Dan does go in with more than just an epic guitar track. Enjoy unique ninja-kill abilities along with Dan’s special powers. Transform and save the dar as you rise to the top as the ultimate ninja.

Once you make it to the end you have a chance to rescue your family. Let them see who you really are as you dye your clothes in the blood of fallen enemies.

The bonus levels of this game are rather unique. While one of them is reminiscent of Street Fighter the other has never appeared in a fighting game. Experience a strange 2D shooter as you take down targets and blast through enemies.

This is probably a good place to mention that this is not a traditional fighting experience. Use your gadgets, abilities, tools, and guns to blast and slash through enemy ninjas. This title really does push the limits on classic by mixing in a modern design that fans are sure to love.

As of now, Shadow Gangs holds a postive reception among the Steam community. This title is technically a beat’em up style game but it has os many other genre features that calling it a fighting game would be misleading.

Any fan of retro game should give this unique title a chance. Experience rage and fear as you ninja your way through Shadow Gangs and save your family.