Sega Celebrates Their 60th Anniversary On Steam With Sale And Free Sonic Title

Sega Celebrates Their 60th Anniversary On Steam With Sale And Free Sonic Title
Credit: HFPlaythroughs via YouTube

Don’t quote us, but it doesn’t seem that the SteamDB leaks have been misleading as of yet, barring a few outliers; from Persona 4 being leaked as coming to PC early to Half-Life, and now with Sonic The Hedgehog 2 being free to claim beginning yesterday until October 19.

Total War: Warhammer 2 is also free to play for the entirety of this weekend only; if you want to feel what the Potion of Speed update did for loading times, it’s as easily as installing it and giving it a whirl; spoiler, it’s fast.

As it turns out, it was all in a late celebration of Sega‘s 60th anniversary (which passed in June), and they are also offering a heap of titles on pretty sizeable sale to celebrate for the next week or so, ranging from classic Sonic titles to the newly ported Persona 4 Golden and Bayonetta.

When Sega stated that they’re eyeing PC with a bit more interest, it doesn’t seem as though they were telling any fibs: a move that bodes well for people that have become tired of the inexhaustible console wars that never seem to have an end in sight, much to the corporations’ likely glee.

That being said, nothing has leaked as of yet from any of the standard reliable sources online regarding the hopefully inevitable arrival of Persona 5 Royal being ported over for PC JRPG fans to sink their teeth into; this does not imply that it isn’t, simply that it has thus far been entirely silent.

Along with the anniversary came a design decision from Sega that many have been a bit annoyed by, reimagining the artwork for multiple titles in a way that some are a bit displeased by as it stretches and skews the standard artwork to superimpose the images onto classic game boxes.

Bayonetta is now on a Nintendo DS cartridge case, while Abyss Odyssey has been oddly superimposed on a Sega Saturn case.

It’s cute but adds very little other than obscuring the original artwork when viewed inside of the new Steam library, and there is little rhyme or reason to what title has been thrown into what console.

Aside from this admittedly strange choice, Sega is a classic and since their opting out of the console wars after the Dreamcast simply being far ahead of its time, they’ve been slow and steady with releasing and publishing titles that have garnered attention from fans around the world ranging from Phantasy Star Online 2 to the Total War franchise.

Regardless of the timing as a bit too late for the actual anniversary, Sega’s presence within the gaming industry has offered a slew of fantastic titles that continue to bring eastern gaming culture to the western hemisphere; for that, it’s worth celebrating.