Dying Light Joins Forces With Chivalry In The Newest Undead Community Challenge

Dying Light Joins Forces With Chivalry In The Newest Undead Community Challenge
Credit: Dying Light via YouTube

Dying Light has been white-hot recently with their consistent community events that have players logging in, again and again, to see what creative shenanigans are afoot with developers Techland.  From overpowered bows is that tremendously satisfying to launch into the nearest undead face, to launching zombies across the street with their HyperMode community event, time and again Techland brings something new to Dying Light as Dying Light 2 comes ever closer to launch.

This time, Dying Light has teamed up with Chivalry, a game known for its medieval swinging of weapons into the nearest opponent’s face on PvP battlefields across the Dark Age.  While Chivalry ultimately had its competitive scene stymied by players with high DPI swinging both mouse and weapons wildly, it’s pleasant to see specific items cross over to the island of disease and pestilence.

One difference between this community event and that past is that this one brings about a free DLC for users to claim and install.  Of negligible size, it brings the fierce two-handed Zweihander for cleaving through packs of the undead, and a shield emblazoned with the emblem of the Agatha Knights’ cross.

As prior events had, there are both personal goals, and community goals.  If the personal goal is achieved, players can claim both the Zweihander and Shield emblazoned in gold, just to flex on PvP undead that may join in an attempt to foil you.  If the community event is reached, a new outfit will be rewarded for their ‘knightly deeds’ with the exclusive Knight-errant outfit.

Dying Light‘s recent community events have been tremendously successful thus far, to the point that some are wondering why more games aren’t hosting community events to keep the player base stable.

Having even a fraction of the events that Techland have pushed in any numbers of games would have done wonders for player retention, and increasing the sale of units.;

Beyond the community events, Dying Light has a solid modding scene as well, allowing players any number of modifications that one could dream up.  Content-wise, pound for pound, it’s difficult to hold a candle to Dying Light.

The statement resonates ever-stronger when one recognizes that the title is currently on 66% off on Steam for the length of this special event, bringing it to $13.59 if you jump on the title now.

The event will last until December 16th, 2019, and the sale will end when the event does.  It’s a wonderful world of opportunity in the undead-ridden world of Dying Light, and it’s a fantastic time to join it.