Season 1 Of Fortnite Chapter 2 Extended To February, Is It Going To Be A Blue Christmas For Gamers?

Season 1 Of Fortnite Chapter 2 Extended To February, Is It Going To Be A Blue Christmas For Gamers?
Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite is doing something it rarely does–extend a season for a whole two months.

Epic confirmed the news in a blog post published on Nov. 20, 2019. But it won’t be a sad Christmas for Fortnite players just yet. The developer actually has big plans for the holidays, which is why it extended the season up to February.

Last year, Epic introduced the 14 Days of Fortnite, an event that gifted gamers with a lot of rewards. You need to complete a challenge for the day, and unlock some rewards for your trouble. It seems you can expect the same type of event for this Christmas.

According to Epic, they have even more content for gamers to unwrap this year. Among the content they can expect are free rewards and new game features. Also, Fortnite will have a “live experience.” The company did not elaborate on what that is, only to say that gamers wouldn’t want to miss it.

Just last year, Fortnite Season 7 was also extended until February for humanitarian reasons. Its employees do need a well-deserved break.

A typical season has ten weeks, extending this season to February feels like the length of a full season. But then again, a standard season will mean a battle pass, which entails at least 100 new items.

The bad news is that gamers will have to survive the holidays with the same maps in Fortnite. One of the benefits of a new season is a new map or at least changes to the current map.

Just recently, Epic released patch notes 11.20, which adds the bandage bazooka to the arsenal. Using the weapon, you can heal your teammates from a good distance away. The other update involves the hardware. The patch allowed Fortnite to support DirectX12. With the optimization on the CPU, players can now enjoy a more stable frame rate.

Among the changes in the Fortnite update, 11.20 include the Daily Challenges. You can win up to three XP at a time. You can also replace one challenge once a day. Meanwhile, the UI contrast can now be adjusted through the setting (go to the graphics section). The Locker is also better organized. You can curate the items by the seasons that you got them. Use the search bar to search for the item.

Watch out for more news and updates for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1, which will be published when they’re available.