Retro Machina Is A Robot Utopia Set To Release Early Next Year

Retro Machina Is A Robot Utopia Set To Release Early Next Year
Credit: Steam XO

From Orbit Studio comes a unique yet lonely world of forgotten humanity. Explore a futuristic action-puzzle adventure as you play through Retro Machina. This unique title is a robot-filled world full of mystery and exploration. Simply use your power to control objects and robots as you interact with a strange yet familiar environment.

Take on the role of a worker drone who was labeled as a malfunctioning unit. You have the ability to control other machines and use this to rebuild yourself and the remnants of the city. Explore the maze of buildings as you discover what has been lost in this mysterious yet lost city.

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Retro Machina is a single-player game full of exploration and RPG mechanics. Set in a retro universe you go on a journey through a strange world dominated by machines. This is a forgotten land that once held everything but now is populated only by machine.

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One city is all that remains, the city of Endeavor. This city rises above the wreckage of past decisions and is inhabited only by robots. It continues to be maintained so that everything works perfectly.

When you malfunction you are thrown out and go on an epic quest to fix yourself. Find intelligent life, learn the truth behind the world and the origin of your kind. Explore strange environments as you travel back to a city maintained and cleaned for people who no longer exist.

Long ago humans simply vanished. Left behind are their robots who continue to diligently keep everything clean and together. Only you know something is wrong and there is no way to fix it. With no one out there, you are the only piece of intelligence left in the world.

Start as a humble worker and slowly gain more abilities as you travel. Use your skills to solve puzzles, do combat, and have friends accompany you on your many travels.

This is a beautiful hand-drawn title based on illustrations from science fiction books. This is a unique world with four distinct biomes all waiting to be explored. They all have new feelings, gorgeous visuals, and dozens of different enemy types.

To survive you will have to think smart. Use your skills and talents to outmaneuver everything in your way as you slowly put together the city, its history, and its population.

This is a great puzzle experience for players of all ages.

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Retro Machina is set to launch on Steam early next year.