Release Of The Physical Ultra Age Edition By Selecta Play For The Nintendo Switch And PlayStation 4

Release Of The Physical Ultra Age Edition By Selecta Play For The Nintendo Switch And PlayStation 4
Credit: Gamepress

The action-packed, fast-paced sword-swinging game Ultra Age, created by Next Stage and Visual Dart, is now accessible as a physical edition in Europe for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, according to publisher Selecta Play.

A teenage warrior named Age is on a quest to save humanity from extinction in Ultra Age, a fast-paced, action-packed sword game set in the far future.

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Cut through robotic and mutant foes with your blades, explore futuristic settings, and unravel a massive conspiracy that affects the future of the world.

The Earth’s resources run out in the far future, and a flying meteorite has already permanently altered its environment.

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Humanity was split into two groups: those who left Earth and relocated to the space colony “Orbital Arc” and the others who stayed on Earth and were housed in a structure known as “Shelter.”

The people of Orbital Arc undertake a voyage to Earth in search of resources, but mankind has vanished from Earth after Vault residents fail an experiment that was meant to be humanity’s last hope.

A youthful sword-wielding warrior named Age falls from orbit to Earth after discovering no indications of life. He must locate a crucial piece of information for humanity’s survival while being accompanied by his flying android Helvis.

Among its characteristics include Using a variety of blades to slash through enemies in this fast-paced, fashionable action! Blades may be quickly changed into strong moves to build linkages and run combos.

When facing various types of enemies, their traits and behaviors necessitate different approaches.

Use the wire skill to entice lesser attackers to you, or use Quantum Warp to gain immediate access to stronger adversaries! Utilize the wire to swiftly grab goods, cross land gaps, and tactically overcome numerical disadvantage. Collect materials to improve your swords, develop your abilities, and discover new combos.